Born from the drive to share stories from remote and wild places.

Lost Compass is the endeavour of realness and purity in film-making and production. We believe in the true beauty of real life, of real experiences and of real emotion. We focus on finding the stories from the corner of the room, from the corners of the earth and from deep within.

This is what storytelling means to us and we’re committed to the cause. No green screens, no fabrication, just raw, inspiring moments of visual storytelling.

Documentary  / Natural History / Commercial

Put simply, we work best where most people don’t

Our studio collective offers end to end production services for film projects in outdoor environments. The LC team have all sharpened their teeth in the mainstream commercial film industry, working professionally for years as producers, technicians, drone ops and DOP/Directors alike.

We now take the skills from large scale commercial precision and apply it in the far corners of the globe for documentary, natural history and outdoor commercials - and we love it.

We’re also nature nerds and proud of it with Biology & Zoology degrees amongst the team. We’re wild about natural history and responsible for producing content for science and communication to schools around the world both through film and LIVE classes.

With a deep respect for narrative and a chronic spirit of adventure we strive to push the limits of photojournalism & film through aerial, land and sea environments.

West Coast, Tasmania

Lake Roseberry, Tasmania

Kosciuszko Wilderness, New South Wales

Toshima City, Japan

Fiordland, New Zealand

Migration, South Pacific

Gardiner, Montana

Bali, Indonesia

Broome, Western Australia

Warrumbungles, New South Wales


Fully Insured technical specialists in remote access, aerial operations & stabilised heads with 9 years of industry experience.


Our team is a special collective of individuals who have spent a lifetime immersed in the wilderness. Their relationship to these places is one of romance; an intimate connection in finding peace and happiness in some of the most uncomfortable and raw places on earth.
This is what allows us to thrive in these environments and through strategic preparation, communication and teamwork we are able to execute industry level cinematography from the comfort of our snow-storm alpine bivvy.

ARC First Aid Certified


Lost Compass knows drones. We have over 8 years of certified operating experience under our belts with no incidents, whilst also contributing to award winning campaigns and projects along the way.

Our dual redundancy kits ensure peace of mind for logistically complex remote projects and our operators are alarmingly enthusiastic to haul them into the wilderness in whatever method necessary.

Current Fleet
DJI Inspire 3 X9
DJI Inspire 2 X7
DJI Mavic 3 Cine


Nothing gets us going like heavily loaded cinema package with pin-precision picture. We’re good at it too and know what it takes to make these systems happy.

We have years of experience building and operating cinema packages on Ronin 2 and Movi Pro gimbals utilising tracking vehicles, boats, drones, handheld steadicam systems.

Common Builds


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Based on Dharawal Country, Australia.Working globally.